White Papers

Tips on topics from starting an apprentice program to closing skills gaps

Ramsay Corporation has been a leader in employee selection and assessment for 40 years. These are a few of our latest complimentary publications meant to assist organizations with their selection, training, compensation, and assessment needs.

Establishing an apprentice program can provide an additional source of qualified candidates to staff your workforce.

Learn how apprenticeship has evolved over the last 50 years.

  • Ensuring That You Have the Most Qualified Workforce: Pay-for-Knowledge (Download)

Outlines starting a promotional program and the types of assessments that can be used to determine which candidates to promote.

  • Building a Better Maintenance Force: How Knowledge Testing Simplifies Training (Download)

Illustrates how diagnosing strengths and weaknesses and providing training can help your company meet its objective of a fully-prepared workforce.

Finding a way to fully staff your maintenance department presents a major challenge for organizations. Several factors can cause shortages in the labor supply: new plant construction requiring additional employees, normal attrition, and the need to replace an aging workforce.