Consulting Services

An extension of your human resources team

Selection Process Development

Our selection projects include the development and collection of validity evidence for assessments, interviews, hands-on tests, and in-basket exercises. We specialize in the staffing of new or high-technology facilities and have conducted dozens of information sessions at the Board-of-Directors level concerning the benefit and value of selection programs. We have also successfully defended our selection procedures in labor proceedings and litigation.

Compliance and Validation Services

Ramsay Corporation has always prided itself in being a leader in assessment development and validation for industry and manufacturing. We recommend the completion of a validation study whenever an organization:

  • Is a highly visible national or international company
  • Has more than 200 employees
  • Has a labor agreement
  • Has a Federal contract
  • Has ever had an EEO charge
  • Needs professional assistance for setting cutting scores on tests

Job Analysis Documentation

Over the years we’ve conducted job analyses for hundreds of jobs, from accountant to welder. Our job analysis projects have become integral components of our clients’ human resources processes. These projects include the development and documentation of:

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Job Descriptions
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Job Tasks and Activities
  • Linkage to the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET Online

Benchmarking and Training Diagnostics

A well-trained workforce is a vital part of any company’s success. Ramsay Corporation has developed pay-for-knowledge and diagnostic tools for skilled trades and craft roles in various industries. The corresponding documentation that we provide has helped organizations create comprehensive training plans for individuals and groups.


Ramsay Corporation’s compensation services can help you develop effective compensation systems through job analysis and application of evaluation principles. Nearly one-half of our assessments are developed for use in pay-for-knowledge or pay-for-skills programs.

Expert Testimony

Ramsay Corporation has years of experience consulting in legal and quasi-legal settings, serving both plaintiffs and defendants. In one instance our assistance helped a client receive more than $60,000 in attorney and witness fees paid by plaintiffs (EEOC & Helen Sierra v. Datapoint Corporation). We’ve also supplied consultation and expert witness services in many human resources areas.

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