SkillScreen – A

February 1

RCJS SkillScreen Form A was developed in February 2020 as a quick, mobile-friendly 20-item basic skills measure intended for high-volume testing applications. It covers the areas of Reading (Embedded), Arithmetic, Checking Accuracy, and Troubleshooting & Problem Solving. This test is available in online format only.

RCJS Electrical Diagnostic Test is a Product of the Year Finalist

November 15

Ramsay’s Electrical Diagnostic Test, developed this September, has been selected as a Finalist for Plant Engineering’s 2019 Product of the Year Award. The award program recognizes innovative products in 17 different categories across various manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries. Plant Engineering subscribers can review the lists of finalists and vote for the winners until January 10, 2020.

Maintenance Troubleshooter – A

October 8

Ramsay psychologists developed the new RCJS Maintenance Troubleshooter Form A in response to requests for a higher level multicraft troubleshooting test. This 60-item test is intended to be used as an alternative to the RCJS MultiCrafTest if the required knowledge areas for the position do not include component or board-level electronics. The test is available in both paper and online format.

Electrical Troubleshooting – A1

October 4

In response to requests for a higher level troubleshooting test than our Electrical Learner Series Troubleshooting and Problem Solving test, Ramsay has developed RCJS Electrical Troubleshooting Form A1. This 36-item journey-level test is part of a new series of skills tests that will also include Mechanical Troubleshooting and a multicraft test entitled Maintenance Troubleshooter. The test is available in both paper and online format.

Electrical Diagnostic Test – A

September 9

This month, Ramsay IO psychologists developed the new 100-item RCJS Electrical Diagnostic Test Form A. It covers the areas of Motors and Controls, Analog and Digital Electronics, Schematics and Electrical Print Reading, and PLCs and Computers. This test is available in both paper and online format.

MultiCrafTest – A6

August 1

Prior to a new printing of the consumable paper test, we reviewed our MultiCrafTest Form A5 and replaced two items and one image, as well as making numerous grammar and readability improvements. The new form name is A6. The Spanish version of this test was also updated. The test remains available both in paper and online format.

Food, Beverage, and Condiment Company

May 23

One of the largest food and beverage companies in the world asked us to develop hiring process components for almost all of their skilled trades and craft positions. Paul Kramer, M.A., Senior Consultant, met with company job experts to complete job analyses and develop assessments for the jobs of Machine Operator, Line Technician, Maintenance Technician, Material Handler, and QA Technician.

Global Paper and Packaging Leader

May 23

We contracted with a global paper and packaging manufacturer to assist with hiring multiple levels of skilled trades roles. Job descriptions were updated and assessments were developed for Electrical/Instrumentation Technician, Mechanic, and Multicraft Maintenance Technician. Paul Kramer, M.A., facilitated the process over several days with company representatives.

Auto Components Manufacturer

May 23

We reviewed and performed a local validation study for a previously customized assessment to be used for Facilities Maintenance Technicians. Paul Kramer, M.A., Senior Consultant, met with subject matter experts to help ensure that the test measured the necessary skills required upon entry to the job.

Fax Answer Sheet Scoring

May 17

We have recently released a new approach for scoring tests on our site: fax answer sheet scoring. We have developed this technology for companies that do not want to enter all of their candidates’ scores by hand, or wait for their answer sheets to ship to Ramsay Corporation to be scored.

We try to recommend testing online for as many of our customers as possible, since the scores are visible immediately with no hassle. However, sometimes, access to enough computers to test the expected number of people are not available. This service was developed to tailor to companies experiencing similar logistical problems.

With fax answer sheet scoring, applicants can take tests on specially designed answer sheets, which can then be faxed to Ramsay Corporation and scored automatically, almost instantly, by our system. 

The answer sheets for this service are now available upon request.

Please contact for more information.