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Fax Answer Sheet Scoring

May 17

We have recently released a new approach for scoring tests on our site: fax answer sheet scoring. We have developed this technology for companies that do not want to enter all of their candidates’ scores by hand, or wait for their answer sheets to ship to Ramsay Corporation to be scored.

We try to recommend testing online for as many of our customers as possible, since the scores are visible immediately with no hassle. However, sometimes, access to enough computers to test the expected number of people are not available. This service was developed to tailor to companies experiencing similar logistical problems.

With fax answer sheet scoring, applicants can take tests on specially designed answer sheets, which can then be faxed to Ramsay Corporation and scored automatically, almost instantly, by our system. 

The answer sheets for this service are now available upon request.

Please contact for more information.

Microsoft “Take a Test” Secure Browser

May 12

Recently, Microsoft added a feature to the Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Educational editions called Take a Test. This is a modified implementation of Edge that opens outside of a user environment. It limits user interaction to solely the browser page – the user cannot user any external tools with which to cheat.

We have set up our Online Testing System to take advantage of this feature. If your system can support it, we would highly recommend utilizing this feature on all of your testing sessions. Contact us at 412-257-0732 if you need guidance or assistance in using this functionality.

State of the Browsers – Windows XP

October 9

Curious as to the demographic of browsers on our testing platform recently, I pulled the Q3 (plus a few days) breakdown of browsers on Windows XP. IE6 is completely unsupported now, so I did not pull any information for that.


Interestingly enough, we had no samples from Chrome on Windows XP. The sample size was 2141 browsers, so it wasn’t as if we didn’t have a sufficiently large sample size. Nonetheless, I’m very happy to report that the vast majority of our users who are stuck on Windows XP have at least upgraded to the latest available version of IE available to them.

State of the Browsers

May 11

A veritable flood of improvements have been implemented in the OnlineTesting 2 System since its release last August. Some of those were bugfixes, others new features, still others were cutting-edge technologies that only the latest browsers would see. One of these is the implementation of Full-Screen mode for the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Chrome 15+ and Firefox 5+ had implemented a full-screen API that allows test takers upon clicking “Launch Test” to be brought into a single full-screen testing display that hides tabs, the address bar, and anything else that may distract the test-taker from the test at hand. By default, all users who are using browsers that support this have it enabled.

Another major feature we’ve implemented is MathJax. MathJax allows us to show math equations elegantly and clearly to users of any modern browser. However, during QA testing we were unable to fix some lingering issues with the last bastion of antiquity that we support: IE6. We obviously can’t just withdraw support for IE6 right this instant, so we’ve held off on converting our tests to all use MathJax until we officially knock IE6 off the supported-browsers list.

However, I was curious as to the usage of IE6 among our clients. I did some analytics on our testing system’s browser data since Jan 1, 2012, and this is what I found:

Browser spread

This is fantastic news! This chart is generated based on the number of instances of each browser in each of our accounts (typically denoting a client). A client can contribute to multiple segments if they have used multiple browsers this year in our testing system. Many clients are IE7/8, and almost all of the IE6 clients are exclusively IE6. This makes perfect sense – companies typically would only continue supporting IE6 if absolutely necessary for a critical internal application.

Unfortunately, that 5% is still 43 clients. Cutting 43 clients off from our Online Testing System is completely unacceptable, so we’ll still wait a little bit, but the news is trending in a promising direction.

As a side note, the non-IE segment consists of a wide variety of browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, iPad, iPhone, Opera, Safari, Droid X2, LG Optimus M, and ATRIX 2 MB865. Obviously we don’t support any of those except Firefox and Chrome, but if you can get the system to work on those systems, more power to you.

Online Testing Version 2

June 2

As we near working status for our new version of our Online Testing system we would like to provide a preview into what the new system will look like. As you’ve probably seen, our Online Testing System no longer matches the theme of the rest of the site. As thus, we have been in active development of a new version that supersedes all the functionality of the old system in a (hopefully) more intuitive manner, as well as providing some new functionality.

Questions and comments relative to the new system are welcome. Please send correspondence to

More images will come as more pages are polished.

Online Testing HR-XML Web Service

October 19

Ramasy Corporation’s Online Testing system now has HR-XML connectivity.   This feature allows for automated test assignment and results processing using the HR-XML standards.  It is perfect for integration with candidate tracking systems.  For more information about this system, please contact our office at 412-257-0732.

Website Update

July 23

Ramsay Corporation now has a streamlined website.  The new and improved product catalog has been changed to allow for better filtering with reduced emphasis on the categories.  You can now filter products by a variety of options or simply search by product name or SKU.

We’ve also added quick links at the bottom of the page. These links will take you directly to your account or any of our technology solutions. No more searching for links.