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Mechanical Repair Apprentice Battery – Basic Mechanical Knowledge – Form A4

April 1, 2016

This 49-item tool test has been completely re-worked and streamlined. Answer choices on all of the tool identification questions have been reduced from eight to five. In addition, six items were replaced. As a result, while the test still measures the same knowledge of tools and their uses, it is now more job-relevant and current.

MultiCraft Aptitude – Form A5

September 17, 2015

We reviewed the MultiCraft Aptitude test in preparation for a reprint and updated six images, reworded two questions, and made several minor grammatical changes. Form A5 replaces Form A4.

Assembly – Form A

June 29, 2015

The Assembly test is a new test that provides a vehicle for pre-employment assessment for entry-level assemblers. It is a brief 20-item timed test which assesses a person’s ability to identify order of assembly and to read assembly diagrams.

Mechanical Maintenance Trainee – Form A

March 25, 2015

Two Ramsay Corporation psychologists reviewed the Mechanical Maintenance Trainee test and made some changes to update and improve the test. The number of categories was reduced from 12 to 7, which makes the categories more reliable. These categories are: Hydraulics & Pneumatics; Print Reading; Welding & Rigging; Power Transmission & Lubrication; Pumps & Piping; Maintenance; and Shop Machines, Tools, Materials, & Equipment. In addition, four questions were replaced to make them more practical than theoretical in nature, and minor word/punctuation changes were made to 14 questions.

Electrical Apprentice Skills – Form A; Mechanical Apprentice Skills – Form A; MultiCraft Apprentice Skills – Form A

January 8, 2015

The popularity of our Combined Basic Skills test prompted the development of these three new technical test batteries. Each test contains a Reading section consisting of three subject-appropriate passages, and an Arithmetic section. The Electrical test also includes sections on Pre-schematic Reading & Signal Flow and Electrical Properties & Troubleshooting. The two parallel sections on the Mechanical test are: Pre-print Reading, Measurement & Assembly; and Mechanical Principles & Troubleshooting. On the MultiCraft test these sections are: Pre-print Reading & Measurement; and Multicraft Principles & Troubleshooting. There are 84 questions on each of these timed tests.

Precision Measurement – Form A2

November 17, 2014

In conjunction with feedback from job experts we have reviewed and slightly revised the 60-item Precision Measurement test. A distractor was replaced on one question, and all of the answer choices on three questions were revised. The subject matter, number of questions, and proportions of content areas were kept the same.

CNC Trainee – Form A

November 5, 2014

We developed this 90-item test to be used with trainees for CNC operator jobs. It is a lower level version of our CNC Test. Categories of test questions include: Prints, Drawings, & Forms; Tooling; Operation; Precision Measurement; Programs; Turning & Boring; Materials; and CNC Mathematics.

A Mechanic Evaluation – Form A3

June 11, 2014

The test was reviewed completely and updated where necessary for clarity and currency. Changes were made to the distractors on two items, minor revisions were made to two questions, and one question was replaced entirely. The Spanish version of the test was updated at the same time.

ElecTest – Form A2

April 8, 2014

We reviewed and updated the 60-item ElecTest for a reprint. Revisions entailed slight changes to 14 items, primarily for grammar or clarity. The test categories remain the same and include: Motors; Digital & Analog Electronics; Schematics, Print Reading, & Control Circuits; Basic AC/DC Theory & Electrical Maintenance; Computers/PLC & Test Instruments; Power Supplies; Power Distribution & Construction/Installation; and Mechanical & Hand/Power Tools.

Commercial/Residential Electrician – Form A1

April 8, 2014

This new 60-item test fills a void in our catalog for non-industrial electricians. It is a journey-level test and thus would be used for candidates having two to five years of training and experience. The categories on the test are: Basic Electrical Theory & Terminology; Symbols, Schematics, & Print Reading; Wiring, Codes, & Safety; Motors & Standby Power; Sensors, Controls, & Communications; and Instruments & Appliances.