Management and Supervisory Skills – A3

January 25

We reviewed our RCJS Management and Supervisory Skills Test Form AR-C and made numerous grammatical and readability updates. The new form is A3. The French Canadian version of this test was updated as well. The test remains available both in paper and online format, but the paper format has changed from a consumable test booklet to a reusable test booklet.

Team Skills – A4

July 18

During a review of RCJS Team Skills Test Form A3, prior to reprinting, we made numerous grammatical and readability updates. The new form is A4. The test remains available both in paper and online format.

Service Skills Survey

June 4

RCJS Service Skills Survey is a new pre-employment measure that is designed to assess job candidates for roles where customer service is important. The following personal characteristics will be measured for each candidate: Responsibility, Sociability, Stability, and Personability. Follow-up interview questions will be provided based on a candidate’s results. This test is available for online administration.

Controls Technician – A

May 15

This is a new 60-item test developed by a Ramsay psychologist in response to customer requests. The Controls Technician Test Form A will measure the knowledge of a candidate entering a position where they may be responsible for handling the day-to-day issues or long-term maintenance of PLCs and control systems. Test categories are: Schematics and Logic Reading; Sensors and Feedback; Motors and Drives; Power Supplies and Distribution; PLC, DCS, and Networking; Basic Automation; and Process Control and Instrumentation. The test is available both in paper and online.

Microsoft “Take a Test” Secure Browser

May 12

Recently, Microsoft added a feature to the Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Educational editions called Take a Test. This is a modified implementation of Edge that opens outside of a user environment. It limits user interaction to solely the browser page – the user cannot user any external tools with which to cheat.

We have set up our Online Testing System to take advantage of this feature. If your system can support it, we would highly recommend utilizing this feature on all of your testing sessions. Contact us at 412-257-0732 if you need guidance or assistance in using this functionality.

C Mechanic Evaluation – A5

February 28

During a review of RCJS C Mechanic Evaluation Form C1R-C, we made numerous grammatical and readability updates and replaced one question. The new form is A5. The Spanish version of the test was updated as well. The test remains available both in paper and online format.

MultiCraft Aptitude – A6

January 25

During a review of RCJS MultiCraft Aptitude Test Form A5, we updated one question and three images. The updated test became Form A6. The test is available both in paper and online.

WeldTest – A4

December 7

In the Fall, we fully reviewed RCJS WeldTest Form A3 in preparation for reprinting. Many minor grammatical and readability changes were made, but there was no change to the overall content. The test was renamed Form A4 and reprinted. The test categories, which remain the same, are: Print Reading; Welding, Cutting, and Air Arc Cutting; Welder Maintenance and Operation; Tools, Machines, Materials, and Equipment; Mobile Equipment and Rigging; and Production Welding Practices. The test is available both in paper and in an online format.

Electrical Aptitude – A5

September 14

We reviewed RCJS Electrical Aptitude Test Form EAR-C in preparation for a reprint. During this review, we decided to update 5 images and make numerous grammatical improvements. The new form is A5, and it is available both as a paper test and online.

MultiCraft Diagnostic Test – A and B

August 31

RCJS MultiCraft Diagnostic Test Forms A and B (alternate equivalent) were developed in 2017 as a solution for companies looking to diagnose training weaknesses within their organizations. The 128-item tests were devised based on data from Ramsay Corporation’s 153-item Maintest, which has been taken by more than 17,000 applicants and employed workers. Three psychologists and an electrical engineer reviewed the original and updated forms of Maintest. The MultiCraft Diagnostic Test consists of 16 categories, each with 8 questions. Questions were chosen based upon difficulty, point biserial correlation, and relevance to the category, as well as currency. The test categories are: Prints and Schematics; Power Transmission; Lubrication; Hydraulics; Pneumatics; Pumps and Piping; Building Maintenance; Hand and Power Tools; Fabrication; Electrical Applications; Motors and Controls; Process Control and Sensors; Test Instruments; PLCs and Networking; Electronics and Instrumentation; and Electrical Facilities Maintenance. Both forms are available as paper tests and as online tests.