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Food, Beverage, and Condiment Company

May 23

One of the largest food and beverage companies in the world asked us to develop hiring process components for almost all of their skilled trades and craft positions. Paul Kramer, M.A., Senior Consultant, met with company job experts to complete job analyses and develop assessments for the jobs of Machine Operator, Line Technician, Maintenance Technician, Material Handler, and QA Technician.

Global Paper and Packaging Leader

May 23

We contracted with a global paper and packaging manufacturer to assist with hiring multiple levels of skilled trades roles. Job descriptions were updated and assessments were developed for Electrical/Instrumentation Technician, Mechanic, and Multicraft Maintenance Technician. Paul Kramer, M.A., facilitated the process over several days with company representatives.

Auto Components Manufacturer

May 23

We reviewed and performed a local validation study for a previously customized assessment to be used for Facilities Maintenance Technicians. Paul Kramer, M.A., Senior Consultant, met with subject matter experts to help ensure that the test measured the necessary skills required upon entry to the job.

Large Utility Company

May 14

A large utility company contacted us to facilitate the development of a custom test for their Substation Electricians. Paul R. Kramer, M.A., Consulting Associate, is working with their job experts to create a completely customized test to use as a promotional tool.


Breakfast Food Company

February 10

A newly designed test was the result of our job analysis at a breakfast food company in Georgia. The Senior Maintenance & Reliability Manager facilitated meetings with job experts. For the position of Mechanics C, we delivered a multiple-choice test with 120 items and documentation of performance Assignments that reflects hands-on duties for the trade.


Beverage Manufacturing Company

February 1

In 1996 Ramsay Corporation developed a test for Maintenance Technician at a beverage manufacturing company. The test was reviewed and revised in 2004 and a PLC test was also established. In 2015 the client asked Dr. Robert E. Lofgren, Human Resources Consultant, to collect validity evidence for the current job of Maintenance Technician and Controls Technician. The updated tests will be to collect validity evidence for the current jobs of Maintenance Technician and Controls Technician. The updated tests will be administered online. Scoring and qualification reports will be generated automatically by the Ramsay Corporation Online Testing System.


Cosmetics Company

December 23

A plant in North Carolina was the test site of our project for Mechanic A at a cosmetics company. We collaborated with job experts to select and validate a mechanical test. During our meeting, we slightly revised the chosen test for consistency with the job requirements.


Job Knowledge Measures at a Food Manufacturing Plant

November 3

At a food manufacturing plant in the South, we made a series of multi-crafted job knowledge measures.

Mechanics who passed at the lowest level were given a $5 hourly rate increase. Several of the incumbent employees passed each test in the C, B, A series and were compensated accordingly. Some were never able to pass at the lowest level and consequently did not receive a rate increase.

We were contacted to begin this project by the person who was originally the Maintenance Manager at the plant where we developed the tests. He then was promoted to Plant Manager, then Division Maintenance Manager and finally Corporate Maintenance Vice President. Although we originally designed these tests at one location, the company began using the tests division-wide and then across the entire corporation.

There is no published narrative or data on this truthful account of events.

Roland T. Ramsay, Ph.D., ABPP

Human Resources Psychologist

President, Ramsay Corporation


Training Maintenance Workers

November 3

The training manager at a large metal manufacturing company in the Midwest has been using our tests for 4 years.

When using our job knowledge test in their competency-based training program, they replaced three workers from the time-based program with 2 workers from the competency-based program.

It only stands to reason that a maintenance technician with demonstrated job knowledge would be a more efficient worker than a person who completed a training program with no elements of verification of knowledge and skills.

Replacing 3 workers with two workers has some immediate cost-saving appeal.


Large Utility Company

November 3

Paul Kramer continued his work with a large utility company by preforming validation studies for completely customized tests, structured interviews, and hands-on measures for their Expert Project Controls Analyst, Cable Splicer, Leader Electrical Technician, Lead Electrical Technician-Hydro, and Lead System Operator positions.