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Installer (Windows and Doors) – A

June 19

Job experts at a home improvement company chose 103 items from RCJS Carpenter and RCJS Construction (Carpenter/Painter/Sheeter) as the basis for this new test. A Ramsay psychologist then reviewed the questions, removing duplicates and looking at difficulty and point-by-serial numbers to choose the best questions. The psychologist also added 10 questions in the areas of levels and planes, resulting in an 80-item test. Categories included are: Mathematics; Framing, Walls and Floors; Scaffolds, Ladders, and Rigging; Finishing, Trim, Repair, and Fabrication; and Tools, Materials, and Equipment. The test is available both in paper and in an online format.

Measurement, Reading, and Arithmetic – A2

May 23

During preparation for a reprint of RCJS Measurement, Reading, and Arithmetic, we completely reviewed the test. As a result, we updated two images, changed a response on one question, and made multiple minor edits. The new form is A2. As with its predecessor, the test is available both as a paper test and as an online test.

Lab Technician (Processing) – A

April 6

This new 78-item test is identical to Ramsay Corporation Laboratory Technician (Manufacturing), except that the Metallurgy category has been removed. The test categories are: Chemical Processes; Mathematics; and Inspection and Measurement. The test is available both in paper and in an online format.

ElecTest – A5

February 9

In preparation for reprinting RCJS ElecTest, we performed an in-depth review of the test. As a result, we replaced three questions and three images, as well as shifting categories and making many minor grammatical changes. The updated test is RCJS ElecTest Form A5. The test categories are: Motors and Drives; Digital and Analog Electronics; Schematics, Print Reading, and Control Circuits; Basic AC/DC Theory and Electrical Maintenance; Computers, PLCs, and Test Instruments; Power Supplies; Power Distribution and Construction/Installation; and Mechanical and Hand/Power Tools. The test is available both in paper and as an online test.

Combined Basic Skills – A4

January 30

Before reprinting this best-selling test, we thoroughly reviewed its content. We made minor changes in two of the reading passages, revised three images, replaced one question, and made numerous minor grammatical updates. The new form is A4. The test is still available both in paper and online.

Industrial Electrician – A

January 18

The new Industrial Electrician test has a stronger focus towards diagnostics and troubleshooting in the industrial setting than does the ElecTest. The test does NOT contain areas addressing component or sub-component level electronics, such as individual transistors, logic gates, or single-function chips. Instead, it focuses on troubleshooting of user-serviceable components and proper installation and maintenance. A significant portion of the test addresses motors and industrial automation. This test has 60 questions in the following categories:  Motors and Controls; Schematics and Print Reading; Computers, PLCs and Automation; AC/DC Theory and Test Instruments; Process Control and Sensors; and Installation, Repair and Power Distribution.

Mobile Equipment Mechanic – Form A3

November 14

In response to customer requests for a shorter test, we reviewed the original 120-item test. Based on the item-level analysis and currency, we removed 60 items to create this new 60-item test. We combined several categories, replaced one item, and updated several images. The new test is also a journey-level test.

Welder, Repair, and Maintenance – Form A3

September 12

The original 121-item test was thoroughly analyzed and reviewed. Based on the item level analysis, 61 items were removed to create a more streamlined 60-item, journey-level test. Test categories are: Print Reading; Welding Process; Types of Welds; Types of Joints; Welding Positions; Filler Metals; Processes Related to Welding;  Welding Metals; Welding Defects; Repair Welding & Surfacing; Tools, Machines, & Equipment.

Mechanical Technician A – Form A3

September 1

We reviewed this test and replaced one item. In addition, we edited nine questions to improve grammar/punctuation/clarity. Test categories are: Hydraulics and Pneumatics; Print Reading; Power Transmission and Lubrication; Pumps and Piping; and Mechanical Maintenance Principles.

Robotics – Form A

July 28

We developed this new test to address technological developments in manufacturing facilities. Our Robotics test covers: Operation Principles; Diagnostics; Troubleshooting; Program Interpretation; and Components. It is a 95-item, journey-level test.