Job Knowledge Measures at a Food Manufacturing Plant

At a food manufacturing plant in the South, we made a series of multi-crafted job knowledge measures.

Mechanics who passed at the lowest level were given a $5 hourly rate increase. Several of the incumbent employees passed each test in the C, B, A series and were compensated accordingly. Some were never able to pass at the lowest level and consequently did not receive a rate increase.

We were contacted to begin this project by the person who was originally the Maintenance Manager at the plant where we developed the tests. He then was promoted to Plant Manager, then Division Maintenance Manager and finally Corporate Maintenance Vice President. Although we originally designed these tests at one location, the company began using the tests division-wide and then across the entire corporation.

There is no published narrative or data on this truthful account of events.

Roland T. Ramsay, Ph.D., ABPP

Human Resources Psychologist

President, Ramsay Corporation