Variable-Frequency Drive Test Now Available

Ramsay Corporation’s Variable-Frequency Drive Test is the latest offering in a series of prize-winning tests used to measure knowledge and skills for pre-employment and pay-for-skills.

The Variable-Frequency Drive Test contains 40 questions and can be used to evaluate candidates’ understanding of maintenance and troubleshooting of common installations of variable frequency drives in industrial settings. This test is designed to assess candidates in areas of Mechanical and Electrical Motor Theory, VFD Components, Drives and Troubleshooting. The VFD Test will measure the knowledge of a candidate entering a position where they may be responsible for handling the day-to-day issues or long-term maintenance of the VFD installation. This test also covers safe operation of all components and circuits in the entire VFD system.

Employers may gauge the development needs of groups and individuals with this newly-released assessment. Organizations can target training materials to specific needs through the review of employees’ scores for Skills Gap Analysis.

The VFD Test may be used independently or in conjunction with one of Ramsay Corporation’s other maintenance tests in order to provide a more comprehensive determination of job knowledge.

You can find the VFD Test in our catalog as well as assessments for all of your other needs.